Let us introduce you to the world of Tell It by telling a short story of the founders:

  • Bo Yang (a Swedish Chinese globetrotter for 10 years and over 160 countries visited)
  • Victor Regner (a Swedish lawyer and IT expert, sailing and skiing worldwide since the 90s)


He has double masters degrees, one in Economy and Marketing, and one in Statistics. He has worked as a branding consultants for some of the biggest brands in Scandinavia and also lectured and working as a professor at Stockholm University.

Once during 2003-2004 he was working as a music producer in China and had concerts for thousands on stage.

Yang and MC Jin

On top of that he has been playing table tennis semi professionally in Sweden as a kid, and now as a middle age man, is considering to train for Iron Man and entering the Olympic Games through the Swedish rowing team, finishing 7 summits and diving in all 7 seas, amongst his other athlete interests and personal goals.

He was never interested in working for the biggest brands in the world, nor striving for the Nobel prize, nor becoming a concert pianist for the Berlin Philharmonica, nor becoming a full time elite athlete, although deep down he knew he had a good chance of getting any of these things if he just wanted to and tried hard enough. But he knew very clear what passion in life he treasured the most and said loudly to himself: “Globetrotter. The most traveled Chinese man on Earth. Yes. That’s what I want to be, and I will.”


And so he became.

After visiting over 160 countries, every single state of USA plus every single province in China during all four seasons he now wanted to give a taste or a touch of this beautiful life and world to others. The only logical solution to this was to deliver “the best trip possible” as his main goal.

In order to make this wish come true, he decided to partner with another amazing globetrotter friend of his: Victor Regner.

Victor is a full Swedish born and raised lawyer and IT expert, being raised in the upscale/high class environment of the posh part of the capital Stockholm, naturally he was always going to have a very different life than Bo.

As if being a lawyer and IT expert at the same time wasn’t good enough, Victor has other travelling top skills such as being able to steer any type of boat as a Captain, while he himself sails with his own boat as much as he can during summertime. He is also Tell It´s “handyman/Mcgyver”, fixing broken cars on the road, steer a sailboat out of the eye of the storm, etc.

When Victor first travelled to China with Bo, they saw that in most Chinese cities, especially the three big: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, one has to travel quite some time to get out of the buzz, stress, dust, dirt and noise of the city, whereas in Scandinavia, the feeling of total peace, harmony and nature is always near. Only 10 minutes of walking, bicycling or driving from the very heart of Stockholm the capital, one can be removed to another world where it feels like you are in a total remote foreign country. The peace, silence and lack of people is something that must be so extremely rewarding for any Chinese. So this is why the main focus of all of Tell It’s trips will be focused on finding the true nature diamonds foremost.

The whole point, as Bo and Victor sees it, is delivering a trip that is so amazing, that even they themselves who would normally never join a group tour, would now even make an exception – a tour that make themselves and their closest friends get goosebumps and say: “YES, i want to join that trip too!”

The goal is to always deliver “the best”. And that is the main interest for them. Not for making money primarily, but deliver 100% quality, so everything must always be the absolute best from the very first minute to the last, give a unique experience that is almost impossible to copy and that they can always proudly know and say, that what Tell It delivers, it is always one step ahead of others, and it is always the best trip possible for any given destination.

As a gift and an extra bonus, they will always have professional photographer on the road to provide the customers with daily photo packages that they can upload to Wechat moments or share with friends and families constantly. For no extra cost. This is just an example of their superb service mind and how they work as people and as a brand overall.

This is why they will never produce their trips on a big scale mass-produced to many customers, and why every Tell It trip will only be made just once – so be good to yourself and don’t miss your chance now and regret later

Some things in life are just simply:

Once in a lifetime – one of a kind.

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