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Day 1: Stockholm

Our journey begins in the capital of Sweden

Old Town


City Hall

Accommodation: Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel Stockholm


Day 2: Stockholm Archipelago – first day

On our second day we will travel to an 19th century castle on a secluded island in the archipelago and give you the opportunity to eat, sleep and live like a true Swedish royalty.

Accommodation: Villa Björkudden Gatsby

Day 3:  Stockholm Archipelago – second day

Full day sailing visiting different islands




Accommodation: Sands hotel Sandhamn

Sands Hotel Sandhamn

Day 4: Back to Stockholm

Enjoy Stockholms shopping streets and beautiful cafés

Birger Jarlsgatan


Nordiska kompaniet

Accommodation: Ett Hem

Ett Hem Stockholm

Day 5: Summerparty and Treehotel

Visit the home of a local Swedish family and attend a classic summer garden party with other Swedish guests. In the afternoon we will fly up north to visit the world famous Tree Hotel.



Accommodation: Treehotel

Tree Hotel

Day 6: Icehotel and Abisko

After sleeping a night in the trees we will travel even further north to enjoy another remarkable site. Along the river banks of one of Swedens mightiest rivers lay the wonder of the Ice Hotel and then visit one of Swedens most renowned nature parks, Abisko. In the evening we will arrive in the magical Lofoten Islands where a chef, that once served the king of Norway, will serve you a fish dinner caught just outside the 19th century mansion we are staying in.




Accommodation: Sandtorg Holmen – Lofoten

Sandtorg Holmen

Day 7: Lofoten – first day

We introduce you, to what we consider being one of the most beautiful places on earth, by a 90 mins all around helicopter tour. After the flight a Norwegian fisherman will teach how to fish in a Norwegian fjord. As night falls you will sleep in authentic fisherman village

Helicopter tour


Trolljord cruise

Accommodation: Nussfjord Robuer

Nussfjord Robuer

Day 8: Lofoten – second day

Today we hike one of the most famous panoramic views in Norway as well as visiting other nature highlights. In the late afternoon we fly to Tromsø

Haukland hike



Accommodation: Ishavshotel – Tromsø

Ishavshotel Tromsø

Day 9: Svalbard

After landing in the most northern town in the world we will either take a walk on a glacier. As the evening arrives you will notice another miracle of nature, the midnight sun.

Glacier walking


Midnight sun

Accommodation: Svalbard Hotel Polfararen

Polfararen Svalbard

Day 10: Svalbard

On a private cruise we will explore the true arctic nature in the search for polar bears and other other artic animals. You will also experience they mighty glaciers slowing entering the ocean leaving a trail of ice floating around.

At the end of the glacier


Polar bear

Day 11: Oslo

Our journey ends with a farewell dinner at the best Michelin 3-star restaurant in the center of the capital of Norway


Accommodation: Grand Hotel – Oslo

Grand Hotel Oslo

Day 1: Grand Hotel – Stockholm

Grand Hotel is the oldest 5-star hotel in Stockholm founded 1874. This is where presidents, royals and other VIPs stay when they visit Stockholm.

Grand Hotel Stockholm – Junior Suite


Day 2: Villa Björkudden – Archipelago

Built 1897 for the world fair in Stockholm. This is your opportunity to sleep in a castle in the archipelago.

Villa Björkudden – Junior suite


Day 3: Sands hotel – Sandhamn

Newly renovated luxurios apartments in the middle of the island Sandhamn.

Sands Hotel – Luxurious apartment


Day 4: Ett Hem – Stockholm

World famous boutique hotel in Stockholm.

Ett Hem Stockholm – Junior Suite


Day 5: Treehotel – North of Sweden

Live in a style in a tree.

Tree Hotel – Unique Tree Rooms


Day 6: Sandtorg Holmen – Lofoten

19th century luxury in Lofoten.

Sandtorgholmen – Junior suite


Day 7: Nussfjord Robuer – Lofoten

Enjoy an old Norwegian fisherman village in style in these luxurious apartments.

Nussfjord Robuer – Luxurios Apartment


Day 8: Ishavshotel – Tromsø

Experience the capital of the arctic with a great see view.

Ishavshotel Tromsø – Junior suite


Day 9-10: Polfareren – Svalbard

Stay protected from the Polarbear in Svalbard at Polfararen Hotel Svalbard.

Polfararen Svalbard – Deluxe room


Day 11: Grand Hotel – Oslo

Finish your trip in luxury at Grand Hotel Oslo

Grand Hotel Oslo – Junior suite

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  • Boutique hotels
  • Stunning capital with medieval old town
  • Garden party with the Swedish locals
  • Overnight in a castle
  • Sailing in Stockholms archipelago
  • 90 minutes helicopter flight over Lofoten
  • Boat trip through a Norwegian fjord with fishing
  • Polar bear sighting in the North Pole
  • Glacier walk
  • Boat trip amongst ice bergs
  • Michelin 3-star and royal restaurant

Booking and inquiry